Frequently Asked Questions

What is the TicketNetwork Mobile and Web App?

This app is designed for brokers who use the Desktop POS 11 and need quick and easy access to manage their inventory away from their office. It is native for iOS, Android, and the Web and is incredibly easy to use.

What can the app do?

Our current feature list is as follows:
  • View/manage all your inventory
  • Generate lists of sales and invoices for an event or a ticket group
  • Load/merge eTickets PDF for a ticket or ticket group
  • Update wholesale and retail prices on inventory
  • Broadcast/unbroadcast and toggle on hand for inventory
  • Edit internal notes
  • Perform a Purchase Order
  • Perform a Drop Sale
Coming soon:
  • Purchase from Mercury
  • Set time limit for broadcast/hold
  • Edit external and marketplace notes
  • We also will add whatever features you ask for!

What's the intended purpose of the app?

This app is not meant to replace your Desktop POS. Instead, it is an extension to it. This app is perfect for quick management functions that often need to be done on the fly, like updating prices, unbroadcasting tickets, or pulling up an eTicket for a customer who calls you at the game and can't find their ticket. With our app, you can do this in seconds, easily, natively.
We will always continue to add more and more features so you can continue to do even more on the fly.

How does the app connect to your POS?

The app works via the POS API so all changes made on the POS or the app are reflected in real time accross the platforms. No setup is required by you, we take care of everything.

What does it cost?

We have two pricing tiers:
  • $50/mo for 1 device, +$15/mo for any extra device(s)
  • $150/mo for 10 devices, +$10/mo for any extra device(s)

Is this separate from my regular POS bill?

Yes, this is a separate app that offers an extention to your POS. It is paid for by the credit card you use when signing up for the app.

I stopped paying for VPN. Now I can just take out my phone and edit my inventory on the go. It's a miracle.

Roger Jones

Founder & CEO at VegasTickets

The frustrating days of trying to screenshare from my phone are over. I NEED this app.

Steve Kobelski

President at TicketGalaxy

How did I get anything done before this app? Now I can manage my entire POS from anywhere. So simple and easy to use.

Amit Raut

CTO at Right This Way


Just a few of our useful features

Easy setup

Just provide us your BID and we'll take care of getting your POS connected

Manage your inventory

Manage prices on tickets you own for an event individually, or increase/decrease all tickets for an event


Easily broadcast or unbroadcast tickets and manage On hand status with a single tap

Buy tickets from Mercury

Search for and purchase other available tickets from Mercury and add them to your POS on the fly


1 Device

$ 50 /month

Extra devices are $15/mo

10 Devices

$ 150 /month

Extra devices are $10/mo

Manage your TicketNetwork POS from Mobile now!

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